Andrzejewski Runs for Governor

Click here to watch the Illinois Channel interview with declared GOP candidate for Illinois governor Adam Andrzejewski. It’s about 35 minutes long and covers his business background, his dad’s runs for state rep. against George Ryan in the ’70s, budget strategies (the 14-18 minute stretch is the most interesting to me), schools, and environmental regulation.

Full disclosure: I’ve worked with Adam, consider him the real deal, and like him for the job.

Other City Barbs coverage of Adam’s endeavors is here.

Campaign website is here.

More later, I’m sure.

TIF Transparency in Chicago

Credit aldermen Manny Flores and Scott Waguespack for this, which passed unanimously last week:

2-45-155 Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Sunshine Ordinance. The following TlF-related documents for each active TIF district shall be made publicly available on the City of Chicago, Department of Community Development website:

1. The ordinances establishing each TIF district, including all attachments, and any amendments thereto;
2. The ordinances authorizing each TIF redevelopment agreement, including any attachments, any amendments thereto and accompanying Economic Disclosure Statements;
3. Written staff reports presented to the Community Development Commission related to TIF-funded projects;
4. TIF overviews prepared by the Department of Community Development and annual reports prepared pursuant to 651LCS 5111-74.4-5(d);
5. City-issued Certificates of Completion and any required annual employment certifications prepared pursuant to TIF redevelopment agreements.

[H/T K.S.] Continue reading TIF Transparency in Chicago

“Open Book Revolution” & DeKalb

This is about a relatively new but promising resource for Illinois activists at the local level. It’s called For the Good of Illinois and the goal is simple: Help community activists take steps for greater transparency in local government. Its mission:

For The Good Of Illinois was founded to empower regular people with the means to change how politics is practiced in Illinois state government. We want to rekindle the spirit of public service among our elected officials.

Everyone has a role to play. Government will be accountable to citizens who demand transparency. This is why grassroots organizing is so important. We’re working to return Illinois to its roots: the citizen.

We suggest fellow citizens adopt the philosophy of, “Not On My Watch!” and do something now to move Illinois in a different direction. provides a simple road map to do this.

With all of our time and talent, we want to make Illinois right again – for regular people.

The founder is Adam Andrzejewski, whose father ran twice (1976, 1978) for state representative against George Ryan. He’s always wondered how things might be different now if his dad had won, and his answer is to criss-cross the state to train activists, especially of the “budding” sort, in how to achieve gains in government transparency with a bottom-up approach. Andrzejewski envisions an “Open Book Revolution.” Continue reading “Open Book Revolution” & DeKalb