Even More Airport Trouble

DeKalb County Online has scooped everyone once again with the story of a lawsuit filed by Midwest Flight Academy, Inc., against DeKalb Taylor Municipal Airport manager Tom Cleveland.

The complaint is centered around Cleveland’s treatment of Midwest that allegedly differed from his treatment of Fly America, including the claim that under similar circumstances, Midwest was required to submit a business plan but Fly America was not.

(Hmmm. Does DTMA have a business plan yet?)

Congrats to DeKalb County Online.

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More Trouble for DeKalb-Taylor Municipal Airport

DeKalb County Online has the scoop, in the form of an e-mail from the FAA:

Partial closures, which I hear Corn Fest is, still requires approval by FAA. And if Corn Fest has previously been held at DKB and closed part of the airport for a weekend, I would say that it should have been coordinated.


Of particular importance is the amount of money received by the airport from the event. This MUST be some form of Fair Market Value revenue received from the event and put into the airport operations fund. Failure to do so could put the airport in noncompliance with its Grant Assurances. IDA/FAA may request proof of payment to ensure compliance. I would also add that a token sum of something like $500/day or $1,000/day for what appears to be a pretty big event is not considered Fair Market Value.

How did we end up with an airport manager who does not know that a) closures of the airport must have prior approval and b) the airport is supposed to be a money-making venture.

FY2012 Budget Comments, Smart-Alecky Edition

The proposed budget for fiscal year 2012 is now available. I’ve just begun reading it. Here are a few reactions so far.

[From the 2025 Vision Statement] Its downtown is the heart of the community…

Translation: We hate that the Super Wal-Mart is the closest thing DeKalb has to a town square. Continue reading FY2012 Budget Comments, Smart-Alecky Edition

One Hundred Fifty-Four

DeKalb City Council members will soon be looking at city-owned real estate, 154 parcels in all, possibly with an eye to selling off some of these assets. But you, Dear CB Reader, do not have to wait for city staff’s compilation to get a sneak peek at the totality. After the jump, I have listed the properties using identifying info found online via the Tax Payment & Assessment Search at dekalbcounty.org. Continue reading One Hundred Fifty-Four