Ethics & the Plan Commission

DeKalb’s Plan Commission has a Code of Ethics (PDF pp. 1-2). It’s flawed, but there you go. My emphasis added.

d) Code of Ethics. Plan Commission members shall abide by a code of ethics as follows: (03-18)

1. Members shall exercise impartial and independent judgment in their roles as advisors to the City Council.

2. Members shall be adequately prepared to render thorough and diligent service and to fairly apply facts and information to the decision at hand.

3. Members shall disclose all direct personal financial interest in any proposal, project or development before the Commission and indicate any personal financial benefit that could result from a decision made by the commission. When concerned that there is a potential appearance of a conflict of interest or a public perception of conflict of interest the Commissioner should recuse him/herself from the particular proposal. When in doubt, the Commissioner may seek advice, for example, from the City Attorney, Planning Staff, other Commission members, or others to determine if a conflict or public perception of conflict might exist. Continue reading Ethics & the Plan Commission

A Discussion of Ethics

Lately I’ve been pondering questions of conflicts of interest in political life and recently declared (elsewhere) that since a certain act of omission by a certain politician made me trust him less, I knew he had made the wrong decision. I was mocked for it, I suppose because it sounds simplistic.

Short rebuttal: It is that simple. Continue reading A Discussion of Ethics