MO Puppy Mill Vote Has a Local Effect

bulldogA DeKalb member of the Illinois English Bulldog Rescue (IEBR) requests your help.

On Election Day November 2, Missourians voted for Proposition B, a ballot initiative aimed at changing their state’s reputation among animal welfare organizations as the puppy mill capital of the U.S.

One of the provisions of Prop B is to limit breeders to 50 breeding animals. To comply, a Missouri breeder of English bulldogs surrendered 19 animals to IEBR on November 26. Known now in IEBR circles as the “Black Friday bullies,” the 19 have foster homes but the sudden arrival of so many dogs has left the organization scrambling for resources.

Currently IEBR is gratefully accepting donations of dog food of any type in unopened bags and cans. You will soon see donation boxes appearing in local businesses but in the meantime drop off donations to volunteer Stacey Roman at 1766 Goldenrod Turn in DeKalb’s Devonaire neighborhood.