Winnebago Forest Preserve Board Smacks Down Perceived Abuses by Its President

Four Winnebago Forest Preserve Board commissioners — a majority — are accusing the board president of misusing a closed session meeting in an attempt to create a new position. Chuck Sweeney examines the letter the commissioners sent to board president Randy Olson:

First, it says, “We believe the Board was placed in jeopardy by using ‘closed session’ to discuss the public safety coordinator; a matter other than that for which the meeting was closed. State law is very well defined on this; and if it were shared with staff and public it would most certainly be viewed as an abuse of closed session. It is in the best interest of the Board, as well as the public, to follow state law regarding closed sessions.”

See? Some boards do understand the Open Meetings Act and are willing to fight for it.

The letter states the board would be willing to listen to President Olson if he can make a case for the new position, but that so far he has only attempted intimidation tactics. It also urges Olson to withdraw any job offers he might have made.

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Sweeney and Olson have appeared at City Barbs before: Winnebago Forest Preserve a “Good Ol’ Boys’ Club”?

And here’s what happened when DeKalb created a job in closed session: [sound of crickets] So you can see why I’m excited to share this with you.