Alorton & Open Meetings Act Do-Overs

Back in February I alerted you to the resignation of the mayor of Alorton, because it seemed the investigation and scandal had something to do with Tax Increment Financing (TIF).

Turns out it had little if anything to do with TIF and a lot to do with shakedowns at traffic stops.

Now Alorton is back in the news due to the actions of its new mayor, whom the St. Clair County state’s attorney has been trying to remove from office.

The SA says Tremylla Johnson was appointed mayor in an illegal meeting. Meetings allegedly occurred at Johnson’s house and without the knowledge of some of the trustees, much less the public.

Mayor Johnson responded to the SA’s actions by resigning from the village board at Monday’s open meeting and then getting herself re-appointed a couple minutes later.

The do-over caught my eye because it is exactly what the DeKalb Public Library did in the fall of 2010 when it was found to have illegally approved a land purchase in closed session. The board just repeated its actions in an open session. No other penalty was applied.

If you space out while driving and run a stop sign, you think the cop is going to let you try, try again?

No matter how this turns out, here’s props to State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly for trying to do the right thing.