Letter to County Board Re: Monsanto Enterprise Zone

Dan Kenney has sent the DeKalb County Board a more detailed version of last week’s letter to the editor:

August 17, 2009
DeKalb County Board members:
Please consider the information below before voting on the Monsanto request for the enterprise zone expansion. The citizens of DeKalb County are counting on a vote that will best serve all of the county residents now and in the future.

    1. One can find a huge amount of information about Monsanto’s troubled history. The 50 plus superfund sites that the EPA claims are related to Monsanto. Clean-ups paid for with tax payer money. The fact that they took over 500 jobs out of the county as well as over $1 million in property tax revenue. One must ask why we would want to help a company that has had such a devastating affect on our County. Historical facts prove that Monsanto is not a company that can be trusted.

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