Meeting Comments & Questions

— Aldermen Gallagher, Baker and Kammes should be ashamed of themselves for voting against receiving and filing the Hope Haven emergency shelter expansion proposal. Instead of saying “no,” maybe they could talk about what it would take to overcome their misgivings. But, that would be too much work, I guess, and most of all too much like right.

— Did I miss a vote on the City of DeKalb’s appointment of a new financial advisor? Where did he come from, and why on earth is the Financial Advisory Committee being excluded from the debt restructuring discussion?

Roundup & Open Thread

DeKalb Should Welcome Zombies

OK, I’m outing myself as a Halloween-o-phile. I’ve been thinking about this for a couple months.

zombie babyIf we want to get NIU students, local teens and hip families downtown, DeKalb should host a zombie walk during Halloween weekend. Locate zombie headquarters at the Egyptian Theatre to tie into its Amenti Haunted House, and develop fabulous downtown discounts for people dressing the part. Recruit bands to play “Thriller” and “Monster Mash.”

If this idea has legs (and/or braynz), remember where you heard it first. 😉

Library Investigator

Ah, the good ol’ days, when you didn’t mess with your library and your library didn’t mess with you.

BOOKMAN: You took this book out in 1971.

JERRY: Yes, and I returned it in 1971.

BOOKMAN: Yeah, ’71. That was my first year on the job. Bad year for libraries. Bad year for America. Hippies burning library cards, Abby Hoffman telling everybody to steal books. I don’t judge a man by the length of his hair or the kind of music he listens to. Rock was never my bag. But you put on a pair of shoes when you walk into the New York Public Library, fella.

JERRY: Look, Mr. Bookman. I–I returned that book. I remember it very specifically.

BOOKMAN: You’re a comedian, you make people laugh.

JERRY: I try.

BOOKMAN: You think this is all a big joke, don’t you?

JERRY: No, I don’t.

BOOKMAN: I saw you on T.V. once; I remembered your name–from my list. I looked it up. Sure enough, it checked out. You think because you’re a celebrity that somehow the law doesn’t apply to you, that you’re above the law? Continue reading Library Investigator

Welcome Juliet

Juliet is sized a tad bigger than what I would expect for a grape tomato but smaller than a Roma. Last night she ended up in a salad of just-snipped shredded basil, red onion, avocado, tuna and white beans.

We’re having fun with the salads this summer. Earlier this week, it was a mango slaw with mint and lime that had to be tasted to be believed. The rule is that something from the yard has to be thrown in.

Use this space as an open thread if you like. There seems to be a lot going on in our gardens and out. I see the DeKalb Public Library is the latest unit of local government sent to the doghouse, and that the synthetic skating rink is being dismantled. Is the Fire Department’s deal with NIU on your mind?

Post-Meeting Open Thread

So, what did we learn from the latest Council meeting? We learned that, even though Fairview Drive residents have spoken at three meetings, made phone calls and sent letters and e-mail to them, one or more Council members perceived little opposition to forced annexation because the residents failed to arrive as an angry mob last night.

After talking with a few — they are my neighbors and some of them are my friends — my take is that they know a done deal when they see one. This was confirmed in fact by their new alderman, who remarked that the annexation’s been in the works for six months.