Basement-less Police Station, Costs of Moving a Sewer Line: Related?

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From the Daily Chronicle yesterday:

DeKALB – Some members of the DeKalb City Council raised concerns Monday about the lack of a basement in the new DeKalb police station.

The issue surfaced while a representative from PSA Dewberry, the architecture firm in charge of designing the $12 million building, as well as a construction manager and city officials, gave the council an update on the building’s design phase.

“The lowest level was the most expensive real estate on the entire project,” [Public Works director T.J.] Moore said. “… We could get everything we absolutely needed to have by giving up something we wanted to have.”

Apparently, there are costs associated with the necessity of moving a sewer line on the proposed police station property. Continue reading Basement-less Police Station, Costs of Moving a Sewer Line: Related?

Sanitary District Catch-Up

A couple weeks ago, a neighbor asked about the status of the DeKalb Sanitary District’s pursuit of city approval for a “biosolids barn,” and I realized I haven’t read San meeting minutes since the DeKalb High School lift station fiasco. Here are few items of possible interest gleaned in the catch-up efforts.

December 8, 2009: This was a special meeting, an executive session to discuss personnel, but was conducted as an open meeting to discuss the requirements and timeline for recruiting a new district manager to replace the retiring Mike Zima.

December 16, 2009: In response to a public inquiry about the biosolids project, San officials state that the District has the project on hold in order to investigate another site for it. Continue reading Sanitary District Catch-Up