College Town Partners is All About TIF

Yes, “is.” Emails obtained by Michael and Misty Haji-Sheikh of Preserve Our Neighborhoods show that even though collaborators ultimately rejected formal incorporation of College Town Partners in May 2014, the intention remained to suck sweet, sweet tax dollars out of City of DeKalb via Tax Increment Financing (not even getting into NIU and use of…

Be Prepared

Zombie forecast: 99.9% chance of infestation in DeKalb today. This is a few Halloweens old, but the advice is timeless.

DeKalb Should Welcome Zombies

OK, I’m outing myself as a Halloween-o-phile. I’ve been thinking about this for a couple months. If we want to get NIU students, local teens and hip families downtown, DeKalb should host a zombie walk during Halloween weekend. Locate zombie headquarters at the Egyptian Theatre to tie into its Amenti Haunted House, and develop fabulous…


This one’s going viral and I’d hate for you to be seen as uncool by not being among the first to view it: [Update: Spoiler alert, sort of: Recommended that you watch the video before reading the comments.]