Word of the Day: Patronage

patronage [pey-truh-nij]

3. the control of or power to make appointments to government jobs or the power to grant other political favors.

4. Offices, jobs, or other favors so controlled.

5. the distribution of jobs and favors on a political basis, as to those who have supported one’s party or political campaign: DeKalb became notorious for patronage in Illinois, ranking just behind Chicago and Cicero.

6. a condescending manner or attitude in granting favors, in dealing with people, etc., condescension: city officials cultivated an air of patronage toward politically unconnected residents. [examples added]

Tomorrow’s word: Nepotism.

Things Could Be WORSE!

OK, we will soon have a Sidewalk from Nowhere to Nowhere, a half-million dollar skating rink that almost no one uses that is closed more than it is open, a Taj Mahal high school built upon overestimated new EAV that may never, ever come into fruition but will eventually kill us all with property taxes, aldermen who are M.I.A. who have yet to be fined properly for their absences (at least they cannot do any voting damage when they are not there!), and one who allegedly does not live in the ward anymore. But, hey, things could be worse!! Continue reading Things Could Be WORSE!

Expenditures of Distinction, August 2009

This month’s Expenditures of Distinction are brought to you by the August 24 agenda packet except for one expenditure from July 27.

Expenditures of Distinction — Disdain Division

$353 for Blackberries for I&T (p. 99)
$17,000 to Re:New DeKalb (p. 154) in administrative fees for two Architectural Improvement projects Continue reading Expenditures of Distinction, August 2009